Dress up the Mannequin

A very warm good morning to you all.

HELLO ,amigos hope you are having a wonderful day !

Well today is not just a regular day for me ! its a very special one because

no. 1 : I was able to surprise my dearest inspiration (my mom) ! and

no.2  : because I worked outside my comfort zone and I’m super duper happy with the result !

This project has been on my mind since long (like the to d wish list since first when i encountered it )

And its very close to my heart as I’m gifting it to my mom who loves to stitch and loves vintage .

So I combined the 2 and created this beautiful(I’m taking the liberty to call it so ) I even used her old hoop (like 20 years old) and used it up in the project too.

So lets check out the sneak peak

These Effiletower chippies are gorgeous and MB has these at some amazing deals

The bob-in roll also stole from her sew box and that little tape too , i had done , as she never would let me use it otherwise  😛 (sorry mom , but i know you will love this )

The stone chain is at the best quality at the store and can add the perfect needed glam

That chic bow and also check out the gorgeous lace trim from madras bazaar ! It’s totally a must have !

The pearls are available in the store. ( huge huge size range and gorgeous colors).

Love this dull lighting picture – make its so soft and more adorable ❤

So here is the reveal ! its to die for ! these mannequins arr like the immediate things everyone should be doing as trust me these are addictive ,great prices at the store of MB so check out before stock out !

(I used a white mannequin , I bet you can’t make out as I gesso and then spray-painted it. It does look vintage !)

I used a scrapbooking paper to create the pleated dress.

The base is wooden with pebbles and the glass dome has the cutest ballerina sitting inside in its pose (its my collectible since I was in 4th  standard -and i had the perfect opportunity to use it )

Completed the look with few more chippies, buttons, pearls and charms to add more vintage charm .

I hope you liked what I created and you get inspired to create one for sure.






Materials used


fused pearl string

white pearl with stone chain



Paris Eiffel tower wooden

Flat pearl


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