Casting Resin, Challenge, Pearl pigment

Winner of #Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome”

Hello Friends,

Today we are here to announce the winner  of


We had 9 beautiful and innovative entries. Some entries were out of box

Business Card Holder

Wall clock &

Star Shaker charm with glow in dark sentiments

Winner is – Star Shaker charm Glow in dark sentiments

It was lovely creation and lot of thinking behind that creation.

Congrats –

Krithika Saravanan


please send us your details at



Casting Resin, Challenge, Mold, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 8 – Krithika Saravanan


My second entry for the Monochrome theme – Shaker Mobile… How could I complete my entry without the touch of my new found ♥️ – shakers 😍 and my experiment with it continues…

Anybody’s dream is given a chance would write in the sky and show d world how much they love a person 💕💕💕… I would take a further step to make it twinkle in d dark and embellish it with asteroids 

A shaker mobile with decals and images that glows in the dark with asteroid stone like hangings

Madras Bazaar products used are – Regular Resin, UV Resin, black opaque pigment, white opaque pigment, white rainbow glitter, holographic star glitter, silver star glitters, silver glitter powder, glow powder and their new launch transparent stick bails

#shakermobile #shakercharm #nightsky #inthedark #lovequote #moon#starrynight #writeinsky #twinkle #star #asteroid #glowinthedark #starglitter#showmeyourlove #handmade #knotzncurlz


Casting Resin, Challenge, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 7 – Daffy Arun

It’s my entry for #MadrasbazaarResinChallenge3Monochrome

Tic tok! Tic tok! merrily sings my clock 🕙
Nothing is precious as TIME
How about checking such precious time with my own clock🕙 that I made😊

Coming to its process, it is made of wood base approximately 13 inch coated with resin, fixed resin numbers and clock settings

Base coat used Madras bazaar’s white pigment, white chunky glitters, midnight magic Black glitter, pearl pigment powder and Resin
For numbers cut the cardstocks and domed with resin with pearl pigment powder and white glitters

Happy with my first big project 😊


Casting Resin, Challenge, Mold, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 6 – Dharini Gopal


Here is my entry No.1 for madras bazaar monochrome contest…a customized book mark for a crazy black and white lover 🖤🖤 resin, flower mould, pigment all from madras bazaar


Casting Resin, Challenge, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 5 – Abilasha Ashwin


Here is my entry to the Monochrome challenge, a simple bookmark with a hand knotted macrame tassel. I had always been awed by the marbled look that people achieved on nail art and wanted to create something parallel with resin. After some trial and error and wasting resin of course 🙂 I finally managed to achieve the look and pretty satisfied with the outcome.
What do you think about it?

Casting Resin, Challenge, Metal Charms, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 4 – Sowmya Ps


Hi friends this is my first entry for monochrome contest… Made this cute open bezel butterfly pendant.. 2 coloured black and white …used white and black pigments , flower charms, fine black glitters, pearl pigments, ,and butterfly open bezel …and everything from #madrasbazaar…. Please give me your valuable suggestions..


Casting Resin, Challenge, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 3 – Krithika Saravanan


Here is my entry #1 for the monochrome challenge… Glowing Keepsake Fridge Magnet

An actual hand outline of my hubby, me and our son along with the date of making this keepsake in our son’s handwriting… A memory encased in resin forever 💕💕💕

Casting Resin, Challenge, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 2 – Shubhs Iyer

Have used white pigment .. new 2:1 MB resin.. n mold from d store..

When we had to do this for a black and white contest first thing that came to mind was Yin and Yang concept.

Yin and Yang symbol represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary. It’s always represented using black and white.. One of the many examples illustrating this is Night and Day/ Dark and Light.

Also here is the Celtic tree of Life with its branches reaching into the sky, and roots deep in the earth, it dwells in three worlds- a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below.

So overall it comprises of universe with it’s good n bad ..above n below .. N all around.

A lovely coaster for hubby for his long marking hours which is about to begin n also I don’t get ring marks on my craft table.

#resin #coaster #special #symbols #unique#blackandwhite

Casting Resin, Challenge, Pearl pigment

#Madrasbazaarresinchallenge # 3 “Monochrome” – Entry 1 – Priya Praveen


Hello Ppl..
Here is my first entry for the contest #MadrasbazaarResinChallenge3Monochrome” Business card holder . I was so excited to make this. After long time participating in a contest and that thrilled me more. I loved it. Hope u all love it too..
I have used Mb 2:1 Resin, Pearl powder.
#handmade #resin #businesscardholder #rinis #bypriyapraveen #contest