Casting Resin, October

Tutorial – Resin Bracelet and beads with real dried rose petals

Hello Friends ,

Wishing you all Happy Diwali from whole team of Madras Bazaar !

today we will share a tutorial on how to make resin Bracelet and beads with Real dried rose Petals.


we have a quick video tutorial on it.



Products Used:

Casting Resin 

Bracelet Mold

Bead Mold

Thank you for watching !

Love ,

Manisha Bisani

Casting Resin, GDT, October

Tutorial – Resin Printed Film by GDT Krithika

Happy Monday Friends !

Today I will be showing you how to use this beautiful Printed Clear Films in Resin, Madrasbazaar has launched Beautiful 11 Patterns in it.  I have made 3 sets using these Printed films.

5 copy

Pour one thin layer of resin into the mold and allow it to cure for 5hrs

6 copy

Cut the required dichroic sheets according to the shape of the mold

7 copy

Once the resin is set, coat it again with a thin layer of resin, insert the cut dichroic sheet and adjust the position accordingly.

8 copy

Blow out the air bubbles, if any. Allow it to set for 2 hours

After 2hrs, mix the acrylic powders separately with freshly prepared resin. Allow it to set in the cup for and hour or until it becomes thick. Then pour the colors one by one on top of the set layer

9 copy

10 copy

11 copy

Allow it to set for 24hours. Once fully cured pop it out of the mold.

12 copy

Your printed dichroic sheet resin pieces are ready. You can either attach a bail /screw pin and add a hook for hanging earrings or stick a stud base on the back and use it as stud earrings.

You can try different patterns/ methods with the dichro sheets like adding glow in the dark pigment

13 copy

Or a cabochon set perfectly casted in clear resin…

14 copy

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Materials Used:

Casting Resin 

Printed Films

Acrylic Powders (any pastel colors)

Resin Mold



Casting Resin, flatback, July

3 Projects for 3rd Month – Foil, Glitter and Resin



Wishing u a very warm morning , today I’m on the Madras Bazaar blog sharing my final DT project .

Goodbyes are difficult and leaving good ppl is even more difficult . Its been lovely working with Manisha and team . But my term unfortunately ends here and i didn’t wish to waste the opportunity to play with my DT pack thoroughly for the July month , thus I  have lots of projects to inspire u guys with not just one but 2 tutorials and one inspiration card . Hope u guys will enjoy (the long video &post without complaining 😜 ) I  have tried to incorporate lots of techniques in it too. so without further ado ! lets check out what we r gonna create .

a Vintage card layout (mix media style )

love the foil effect !

so if u wish to know how I created this card ,here is the

Now lets move to another card i created and this time using the same mermaid glitter and stencil .
its adorned with handmade resins and flowers and lots of feathers ……(I love their soft feel )
this project also features the little hearts.

the angel showering  the hearts ❤

all pastel goodness captured

just love how the mermaid glitter turns an boring large resin tag to gorgeousness

list of supplies used :
now moving to the third project and this is a multi functional project !
it doubles up as a rakhi for a little girl,
a head/belly band for the little girl
I have used the resin making kit in my DT pack & CREATED THESE CUTIES
using silicon mold, glitter and the kit .

so now lets check out the tutorial to make this :

wish to check out how the resins were created ?

then here is the link :

list of supplies used :

Casting Resin

Neon Shimmer Glitter

Tulle Lace

Holographic Glitter

Thank You for dropping by .

so leave some love in the comments ❤


Casting Resin, July

Resin Bracelete with Glitters

Hello all,

This is my second project of July for Madras bazaar.

Bangle anyone???


Yes this is video tutorial for resin bangle using dried flowers and leaves.

I have dried them for 2 days in silica gel and then kept pressed between books.

This bangle mold is amazing to use. Your piece comes out with so much easy.

MadrasBazaar Glitters are so light weight it doesnt settles down at the bottom of mold, and MadrasBazaar resin is amazing to work with which allows to play with it for 2-3 hours to add charms, dyes glitters anything u would like to.

Watch this tutorial and try your hands on making your own bangles.


All the supplies are from Madras bazaar.

Gold Glitter

Casting Resin

Bangle mold

Resin Dyes

P.S. there are many more different beautiful bangle molds available at the store. So grab them before its gone.

Happy Resin casting !!!


Mrinaal ❤

Casting Resin, flatback, June

Glow in dark Resin Embellishments 

Hello Crafty People,

Mrinaal here and I will be showcasing my third project for the month of June

Want to make your own resin embellishments? And that too which glows in dark ?

Watch this video for tutorial.

And yes you can even see how to drill hole into these pieces using hand drill(available at the store) in this video,so watch till the end

glow in the dark powders(comes in 12 shades) are from Madras bazaar store.

Making these resin pieces for real fun. Hope you too enjoy.

Products used –

Glow in dark powder





Casting Resin, GDT, June

Resin Tutorial on Glow in the Dark and Acrylic Powder by GDT Krithika

Hello lovely readers of Madras Bazaar blog,

A very lovely and warm good morning to you all.

Today we have Krithika on our blog as GDT with an awesome glow resin tutorial. She has a beautiful video tutorial, so set back with a cup of coffee and enjoy the tutorial.


Over to Krithika,


Hi all… Krithika Saravanan here from Chennai.. I’m an MBA graduate worked as a recruitment consultant, quit the job to take care of my son being a typical mom… Back in school I was interested in hand embroidery but  lost in touch with that due to various reasons… it was my mom who gave that push to restart my passion and from there its going on till now.  I’m damn sure I got the crafting DNA from my mom. Based on what I know I started my page a couple of years  just to share my creations and slowly with all the love and support from my family and friends it turned out to be my career . I started it with quilling, then tried silk thread, terracota and now got addicted to resin… I always like to experiment and I want my creations to be unique and colorful… I hope this continues forever.

Here are the pictures of the jewellery,


1 copy





Here is  the  tutorial,



Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.





Materials used,


Casting Resin

Glow in dark powder

Hexagon glitter

Acrylic powder


Casting Resin, June, Metal Charms

Resin Fridge Magnets

Hello everyone,

I am back with my second project for this month.

How about some resin fridge magnets this time?1

Let me show you how I made it.

Materials used are sourced from Madras bazaar.


  • Varnish your sticker or whatever paper cutouts you are using. Here I have drawn Nemo(fish) and grass and painted with acrylic colours.


  • Mix Resin and hardner in 10:4 ration in a measuring cup with the help of spatula and let it sit for 10mins.


Pour Resin into the mold such that it’s half filled



  • Now insert your embedments in resin. Here I have placed fish and grass up side down in one and cycle metal charm in other. Make sure fish and grass stays to the bottom and do not float.



  • Let it sit for 2-3 hours after that sprinkle some confetti.


  • Mix fresh batch of resin and hardner and add inks to it. I have mixed yellow and teal in two separate cups.


  • Let it sit for 1 hour and then pour it on previously poured resin and allow it to cure for atleast 12-14 hours.



  • Pop it out from molds. Stick magnets on back side and your magnets are ready. You can make personalised magnets too. So what are you waiting for…make your own cute fridge magnets.

Check the Tutorial Video

Happy crafting 😊



Products Used:

Casting Resin

Resin Mold

Clay Heart Sprinkles 

Metal Charm

Resin Dyes

Solid heart Glitters




Casting Resin, June

Work With Resin Dyes

 Hello everyone,

This June let us start with some dyeing 😉 ..yes you heard(read) that right !

I am sharing with you all this tutorial on how to add dyes to resin followed by some making of swirly pattern in resin.

I have used Resin and Dyes from Madras bazaar.


These Dyes comes in a set of total 10 colors.


  • Teal
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Indigo blue
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Purple

So, have a look at the video tutorial. Get your resin and inks from Madras bazaar store and experiment ☺



Resin Dye


Casting Resin, May 2017, Metal Charms

Metal Charm Bracelet by DT Mrinaal

Hello crafty friends,

A warm good morning to you all. Hope you all are enjoying our tutorials.

Today our DT Mrinaal is sharing a beautiful charm bracelet with you all.

Hello there,

Hope everyone is crafting…I have been creating this jewellery since few days and it is so much fun.

So I have made this amazing bracelet with bronze charms and chains and few other things which I got in my DT package.


All the supplies are from Madras Bazaar and Thank you Manisha for letting me explore.

Why to only use readymade charms? Instead we can make one using cabochon settings and resin.


Want to see how I made? then Please have a look.


Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Materials used-

Metal charms

Casting Resin

Thank you for visiting our blog.

Happy Crafting