March DT kit reveal by Roshni

Hello Friends,

I received my March DT kit and i am excited to work with resin and these glass crystals

Pearl powder i received had super pearl shine to it. It will work good with Resin and mixed media projects, keep watching this space for projects i make with these.



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Madrasbazaar Resin Challenge #3 -Monochrome

You can create anything with resin .
But keep in mind, Monochrome theme in focus.
​using only black, white, and grey.
  • Last date of submission is 26th April ,2018.

Challenge Rules

  • You can create anything with Resin
  • The most important part is that, you have to USE AT LEAST TWO MADRASBAZAAR PRODUCT FROM MADRASBAZAAR STORE to make your project.(It can be anything from the store!!!)
  • MADRASBAZAAR PRODUCT used should be the FOCUS of your project.
    If you do not have any products from us, You can purchase them from the store.
  • Do tell us in your post what product you have used from our store.
  • Last date of submission 26th April ,2018
  • Post your entry in facebook at

    Resin Craft India

    or if you still face trouble to add your creations kindly drop your creations link/blog links/ facebook page links/ pictures at support@madrasbazaar.com

    • To submit your creations for the challenge and to share them on social media, please use #MadrasbazaarResinChallenge3Monochrome” to qualify for submission,failing to do so, the entry would be disqualified.
    • You can enter as many as 3 times for a single challenge
    • Do not forget to follow us on Instagram.

    So do join in our April challenge to win amazing prizes.


Manisha Bisani

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#MadrasbazaarResinchallenge #2“Color Splash”- Entry #14

Preethi Sundararaman  recommended Madras Bazaar.
This is my 3rd and final entry for the


These are tea coasters with alcohol ink sprays procured from Madras Bazaar which was then doodled and resin casted with resins again from Madras Bazaar.

The natural light pic shows the actual vibrance of the colors. Seeing these relieved a lot of stress and it was more of a meditation feel for me 🙂 Thank you Manisha Bisani


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#MadrasbazaarResinchallenge #2“Color Splash”- Entry #13 – Yoga Lakshmi

Yoga Lakshmi
Here Is My Entry…💕💕💕
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#MadrasbazaarResinchallenge #2“Color Splash”- Entry #10 – Krishna Priya

What crossed my mind wit d theme COLORSPLASH.. literally colors got splashed with showers n shades.. never miss to notice tat 3D effect.. dancing garden of colors wit delebrate bubbles for tat effect.. to be made into a trendy neck piece.. resin n pigments from madras bazaar..

#colorsplash #trendy #handmade #colorgarden #3D #resin #madrasbazaar


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#MadrasbazaarResinchallenge #2“Color Splash”- Entry #4 – Sowmya Ps

Hii friends. My second entry for #madrasbazaarchallenge2colorsplash

Made these colourful bracelet with #madrasbazaar colour resin dyes and #madrasbazaar gold and pearl pigments…. How’s it?? ….#newproduct#resincasting #bracelet #colourful