Welcome Designers 2019!!!

Hello lovelies!
I, Manisha Bisani owner of Madrasbazaar , and i am here today to introduce our Designers with you all.
yes, you heard it right…”Designers…”..
we are overwhelmed with the Design Team call..that we posted recently and really thrilled so many of you, lovely and talented crafters responded to us.But out of so many requests, we could only select a few.. for month Feb-April.
But we are surely to pick up in the coming days.. so stay tuned with us for our next GDT call!!!

Now it’s time to welcome our sweet and talented Design Team

First we have with us…



I am Dr Preethi Sundararaman, a dentist by profession and an artist by passion. I have been running a handmade jewelry brand since 2013 and I specialize in making customized jewelry. I try to give my full potential and love when I make any art work so that every piece of my work has a part of me in it. 
I will be happy to be a part of the DT team and my special areas of interest will be paper based jewelry coupled with resin work. Resin work is addictive so when I start making resin jewelry, I forget everything and pile up a lot of pending work 😀
                “Thankyou Preethi for joining us as DT here at madrasbazaar.”
                                                    Second DT for Madrasbazaar is:
Hi all… Krithika Saravanan here from Chennai.. I’m an MBA graduate worked as a recruitment consultant, quit the job to take care of my son being a typical mom… Back in school I was interested in hand embroidery but  lost in touch with that due to various reasons… it was my mom who gave that push to restart my passion and from there its goin on till now.  I’m damn sure I got the crafting DNA from my mom. Based on what I know I started my page a couple of years  just to share my creations and slowly with all the love and support from my family and friends it turned out to be my career . I started it with quilling, then tried silk thread, terracota and now got addicted to resin… I always like to experiment and I want my creations to be unique and colorful… I hope this continues forever….
         “Thankyou Krithika for joining us as DT here at madrasbazaar.”
                                                 Third DT for Madrasbaazaar is :
I am Priya Praveen,a homemaker and passionate about arts and crafts. I started my Rini’s journey in 2014 experimenting with quilling and Silk thread jewelry. Recently my interest has gravitated to Paperbased jewelry and Resin art along with keeping up my younger daughter 🙂
                 “Thankyou Priya for joining us as DT here at madrasbazaar.”
                                                   Fourth DT for Madrasbaazaar is :
I have been crafting  for the past 5 years. Crafting is like meditation for me, it gives me peace and calmness. I love experimenting and exploring  and making something new everytime. Scrapbook, mix media , miniature layout , 3D structure, flower making , decoupage and soap making are few of the areas that i have worked on. I loved drawing and colouring as a child and always won the drawing compilation in school. But i bever knew that i could actually become a full time crafter and make it a profession. I have completed my LLB and became a lawyer because that is what my dad wanted me to be, but currently i am working as a crafter because that is what i wanted to be and it is something that makes me happy  :). All i wanted to be when i grew up was happy so i chose to be a CRAFTER.
              “Thankyou Roshni for joining us as DT here at madrasbazaar.”

And last but not the least, we have….


Introduction about myself:
Crafting is not an activity for me but a way of life. I am a Dehradun based crafter, crafting professionally since 2015. I sell my products at exhibitions, conduct workshops in Dehradun, Delhi and Gurgaon and an active DT member of Indian craft brands.

For a girl whose entire life revolves around crafting, there are no boundaries..I love to create craft projects from everything that I have around me! 

My favorite craft:

Cardmaking, Decoupage and recently a newly found, never ending love for Resin crafts! 

“Thankyou Devika for joining us as DT here at madrasbazaar.”
So everyone.. lets welcome them with lots of love and support.
you all can check their creations at their facebook and blogs.
we are sure to have a lots and lots of fun…
see you all in the upcoming inspirations!!!

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